APE’s Founder


Dr. Kevyn To grew up  in Canada and graduated among the top of his class from Harbord Collegiate, an institution with a long tradition of academic excellence and a reputation for graduating some of the world’s most influential minds including Dr. Charles Best, the co-discoverer of insulin. His love and passion for animal welfare led him to attend the University of Guelph, with the intention of attending the prestigious Ontario Veterinary College. While at the University of Guelph, Dr. To maintained his academic excellence and allowed his experiences to steer him in a different path towards allopathic medicine.





He was an interviewee among the original pilot Multi Mini Interview circuit for the MD program at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in the early 2000’s and has since played a role in medical school admissions both as an interviewer, a CASPer® test assessor and on faculty as a clinical skills instructor/mentor for first and second year medical students at McMaster University.


As a medical student at SUNY Upstate College of Medicine and Stanford School of Medicine in the United States, Dr. To began preparing local premed students for their interviews with tremendous success. Seeing them gain admission to medical school was immensely gratifying and lead to the birth of DiagnoseMD and subsequently, Advisor Prep® Education.



Dr. To is a recipient of numerous honors including the prestigious American Medical Association, Excellence in Medicine and Leadership Award, a high profile recognition often regarded as being the equivalent to the “Oscars” within the medical community. He successfully match into Radiation Oncology, (one of the most competitive residencies) at McMaster University and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a top cancer center worldwide. As a resident, he continued to pursue his love of education, teaching medical students and serving as a mentor. He also participated in the accreditation process for residency programs as an on-site reviewer for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


In 2010, he developed the first ever commercial practice CASPer® test simulation on paper, code named Character And Situation based Personal Simulations (CASPer SIM™). Since then, the original CASPer SIM™ QBank has grown to be the world’s most popular and comprehensive practice CASPer® tests. Dr. To enjoys writing and has served as a medical reviewer for McGraw Hill Medical Publishing and he has contributed to popular review books such as the Case Files and Pre-Test series books used by many medical students prior to releasing his own reference guides. In 2013, he wrote Multiple Mini Interview for the Mind, a reference guide to mastering the MMInterview and a #1 best seller on Amazon in numerous categories including Medical School Guides, Business School Guides, Graduate School Guides and Test Preparation & Review.


Dr. To continues to help countless applicants and their families succeed in obtaining admission to top BS/MD, MD programs, top residencies and fellowship programs in the United States and Canada. The vast majority of his students are admitted to their top choice program. The only person that can get you IN is YOU, but Dr. To’s experience, relevance and results will help you fulfill your dreams.