BS/MD Program, Admissions Preparation

 The APE Promise & Mentorship


Combined Baccalaureate/MD programs are some of the most selective and toughest programs in the world to gain acceptance to.  We know this and have put together the best possible team.  We promise your child will work with some of the world’s brightest minds and most experienced experts in the arena of BA(BS)/MD admissions preparation.  APE’s baccalaureate/MD admissions prep team is currently comprised of Harvard, Brown, Northwestern, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth,  Boston University, Northwestern, NYU, UMass, UMiami, UPenn and UMKC educated physicians, medical students, medical residents, former admissions faculty, scientists and editors.  At APE, our team members are mentors rather than consultants because of the life long mentorships we maintain with our students.  Upon joining the APE family, our Director, Executive and Insider students receive their very own e-mail address and are encouraged to continue using their e-mail address as APE alumni.

At APE Advisor Prep®, all of our BA(BS)/MD admissions programs and services are customized to the individual student and school.   From the preplanning stages all the way through to your child’s acceptance package, we will provide your family with an unmatched level of support and expertise to succeed in the admissions process.

  Better Feedback.  Better Results.


For the 2017 entering class,

  • 28% of all successful applicants to UMKC’s BA/MD program received admissions prep from APE Advisor Prep®.
  • 25% of all successful applicants to Northwestern’s HPME program received admissions prep from APE Advisor Prep®.
  • 20% of all successful applicants to UPitt’s GA program received admissions prep from APE Advisor Prep®.
  • 15% of all successful applicants to Brown’s PLME program received admissions prep from APE Advisor Prep®.


Our Director, Inconel and Insider Programs provide complete, comprehensive support on all aspects of your child’s BA(BS)/MD application. However, if your child only requires focused support on a particular component of their BA(BS)/MD application, our BA(BS)/MD Snapshot Session, HotSeat®Application Genius service and/or Interview Genius service will get things done correctly the first time.