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APE Advisor Prep® A-la-Carte, Interview Genius Testing is customized to deliver exceptional focused support on demand to help you blow your competition out of the water on your interview. Our expert interview admissions testing services are focused on landing you a coveted acceptance offer.  At APE, we continue to lead our students to success through our unique Competence By Design™ model of assessment.

We wrote the book on the Multiple Mini Interview (literally!) so we’re serious when it comes to getting you positive results. All Interview Genius sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes and are customized to the school/discipline of your choice.

All initial baseline Interview Genius Sessions occur one-on-one with Dr. Kevyn To.  Subsequent sessions may involve additional members of our Interview Genius team.  Our interview team has first hand admissions experience and is comprised of Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth, Tufts, SUNY Downstate, SUNY Upstate, Mt. Sinai, Albert Einstein, NYMC, Boston University, NYU, UMass, UPenn, UMKC, Queen’s University, McMaster University, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Toronto and Western University educated physicians, medical students and former-admissions faculty.



Experts on the Following Interview Testing Services

School + Discipline Specific – Multiple Mini Interview Testing

School + Discipline Specific – Traditional/Personal Interview Testing

School + Discipline Specific – Modified Personal Interview Testing

Interview Essay Assessment Testing


Interview Genius Testing Services Framework


How It Works

  Tell us which school, discipline and interview format you need help with as soon as you receive your interview invitation (or work with us preemptively at least 6 weeks prior to your expected interview date). Each Interview Genius Testing session includes the following: a one-on-one interview in the format of your choice, interview performance assessment, detailed verbal feedback on every single interview response you provide AND written feedback including your overall performance ranking score.  Get tested and know exactly where you stand relative to your competition.



Meet Dr. To and attend your baseline Interview Genius Testing session which will be delivered over your choice of: Video Skype or In-Person at our office. Each one-on-one session lasts approximately 45 minutes and you are always welcome to record your entire session, free of charge or hassles.



Receive constructive written and extensive high-yield verbal feedback on your interview performance and focus your efforts towards key deficiencies identified through our unique Competence By Design™ model of assessment.  If subsequent sessions are scheduled, you’ll have the option of continuing them with Dr. To or selecting another APE Advisor Prep Interview Genius Expert.



Celebrate your hard work and A-list acceptances with us and your loved ones. You’ve made it! Now give yourself something to brag about.



APE Multiple Mini Interview Testing

APE Modified Personal Interview Testing

APE Traditional/Panel Interview Testing