Purchase APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM™

APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM™ QBank is home to the world’s most popular* practice CASPer® tests.   With over 150 video based scenarios, 175 word based scenarios and over 1000+ high-yield, discipline specific questions created by leading SJT experts, we offer the largest selection of practice materials for the CASPer® test.  Our CASPer SIMtesting platform provides examinees with a realistic testing experience.  In addition, the content of each CASPer SIM practice test is unique to the discipline you are applying into (ie. Medicine, Nursing and Residency).

To begin, you’ll need to purchase an access code for the specific CASPer SIM practice test that corresponds to your discipline.  Access codes are issued immediately upon receipt of full payment.  Each access code is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and allows for unlimited attempts at the purchased test.

How it Works

  1. Select your desired APE CASPer SIM practice full length test with or without scoring from our CASPer® menu.
  2. Check out and complete your purchase.
  3. Receive your access code(s) instantly.
  4. Ensure your system meets the minimum technical requirements by trying out the sample CASPer SIM test first.
  5. To begin your practice test, click the “start test” button.  The start test button is located above the “add to cart” button on each individual test purchase page.
  6. Review your Performance Score Rank and Performance Report (available for download directly from your MY APE Portal within 20 business days of your completed practice test).
  7. Receive additional high-yield individualized feedback on your test answers and further improve your CASPer® performance with a one-on-one APE CASPer SIM review session (optional).

*Based on public web traffic data comparing APE CASPer SIM QBank with other SJT providers.