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Thank you for purchasing APE CASPer SIM™ for the Mind!


To receive free access to the online version of the two APE CASPer SIM for the Mind full length tests, you’ll need to have your unique redemption code. This code is located on the inside of the back cover (if you purchased your copy of CASPer SIM™ for the Mind directly from us). If you purchased a new copy of the first edition of the book through another retailer such as Amazon or a university bookstore, you’ll need to send a copy of your receipt to [email protected].  We will then e-mail you a redemption code usually within 24 hours.


First edition,  APE CASPer SIM™ for the Mind books purchased new from any retailer are eligible for this free offer.

Second edition, APE CASPer SIM™ for the Mind books purchased directly from Advisor Prep® are eligible for this free offer.

How To Redeem Your Full Length practice CASPer® Tests


      1. To get started, click on the “Learn More” button below that corresponds to your book’s ISBN.
      2. Click “Add to Cart“.
      3. Enter your unique “Redemption Code” in the coupon code field at checkout when prompted and complete your purchase.
      4. If you would like your practice test scored, you may purchase an optional one time score report and performance profile.
      5. Receive your access code instantly. This access code is valid for unlimited attempts for 24 months from the date issued.
      6. Ensure your system meets the minimum technical requirements by trying out the sample APE CASPer SIM test first.
      7. You’re all set! Follow the instructions provided within your order details after check out to access your online CASPer SIM™ for the Mind practice tests.




ISBN-13: 978-1944245344 (2nd Edition)

CASPer SIM™ for the Mind Practice Tests Online (Book Scenarios 01-26)         


ISBN-13: 978-1628908909 (1st Edition)

CASPer SIMfor the Mind Practice Tests Online (Book Scenarios 01-24)