How do I receive technical assistance for my APE practice CASPer® test?

Technical assistance is offered 7 days a week by e-mailing [email protected] or submitting your request/question on ASK APEPlease include your order number and access code.


For support requests submitted during through e-mail, our typical turnaround time is within 2 business days during weekdays and 3 business days during weekends.

I Submitted My E-mail Request …. Weekday Weekend
on Friday Response by Tuesday
on Saturday Response by Thursday


For support requests submitted during through ASK APE, our typical turnaround time is within 24 hours.

I Submitted My ASK APE Request …. Weekday Weekend
on Friday Response by Saturday
on Saturday Response by Sunday



How do I view/download my Submitted Typed Answers and/or Score Report and Performance Profile?
  • If your test includes submitted Typed Answers add on(s), they will automatically be ready for download from your MY APE Portal account within 6 hours.


  • If you test includes a Score Report/Performance Profile, you will automatically be notified by e-mail when your Score Report is ready.  Score Reports are generally available within 21 business days of your submitted test or 7 business days with Score Rush.


To view/download your APE CASPer SIM™ submitted typed answers and/or score report:


  1. Log into your MY APE Portal account.
  2. Click on the “Downloads” tab.  The downloads tab is located below your “Orders” tab.
  3. Click on your desired test and submitted typed answers/Score Report and enter the same access code you used to take your practice test, if prompted for a password.


Your Submitted Typed Answers and Score Report will be available for 90 days.  We strongly recommend that you SAVE your submitted typed answers and score report for future reference.

I’ve seen other companies selling CASPer SIM products. Are these the same tests?

No.   Official APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIMpractice CASPer® tests and products are only available for purchase on apetest.com.

I’ve heard that you cannot prepare for CASPer® in advance. Is this true?

The current literature review shows that individuals do benefit from test preparation (even for SJTs). One study by Cullen, Sackett and Lievens (2006) examined the coachability of SJTs for consideration as selection instruments in high-stakes testing. Cullen et al. concluded that performance on some SJTs could be enhanced by coaching.  In terms of practice effects, Cullen et al. indicated that the retest effects of SJTs are not larger than effects for traditional tests such as cognitive ability tests.

The take home message for applicants required to take SJTs like CASPer® is to be critical and take advantage of resources within their means.  We recommend that examinees optimize their test performance with advance preparation just as they would for other standardized tests such as the MCAT®.

Cullen, M.J., Sackett, P.R., & Lievens, F. (2006). Threats to the operational use of situational judgment tests in the college admission process. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 14, 142-55.
Ebo K. A Osam (2014) The Adaptation of a Situational Judgement Test to Measure Leadership Knowledge in the Workplace, Western Kentucky University
Can I complete my APE CASPer SIM practice test in French?

You may complete your practice CASPer SIM full length test in french.  However, we are only able to score responses in English.  Therefore, if you complete your practice test in French, you must translate your answers and then send them to us at: [email protected]

How does APE CASPer SIM compare to other practice CASPer® test providers?

APE CASPer SIM™ Practice CASPer® Tests versus the competition

(See for yourself why APE CASPer SIM™ is the clear winner)

Is APE CASPer SIM™ affiliated with the CASPer® test?

No. APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM™ is an independent provider of high-yield practice CASPer® tests.

We are not endorsed nor affiliated with the CASPer® Test, Altus Assessments or McMaster University.

How does the APE CASPer SIM™ test platform compare to the actual CASPer® test?

Based on individual feedback, we are confident that the APE CASPer SIM™ test interface reflects actual CASPer® testing experience.

How do CASPer SIM™ practice tests compare to the CASPer test?

CASPer SIM™ practice test questions and scenarios are constantly updated to accurately reflect the tested domains of the CASPer® exam.

Do you offer any discounts?

We routinely provide discounts and free giveaways for our CASPer SIM practice tests during SDN Admissions Prep and Test Prep weeks.

We also offer group discounts on purchases of 25 or more Access Codes by individuals from schools/programs/institutions and have been supporting premed clubs and school organizations in Canada and the United States for years.

Clubs and institutions are also exempt from our standard Access Code availability policy and are able to complete their practice test at their convenience.

To inquire more about group discounts, please contact us at [email protected] with all of the details below.

  • Number of users in group (guaranteed enrollments)
  • Desired CASPer SIM™ test form(s)
I purchased my Access Code from a third party and I am unable to take my test. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for Access Codes purchased from any third party.

What is your refund policy for APE CASPer SIM™ practice test purchases?

Non-redeemed APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM™ practice tests are refundable within 15 calendar days.  If your access code(s) have not been activated, we will issue a full refund of your CASPer SIM™ test purchase to your original method of payment.   Redeemed Access Codes are ineligible for a refund.

I lost my Access Code. What should I do?

Please contact us at [email protected].  We’ll be happy to assist you further.

How long is each Full length CASPer SIM™ practice test?

90 minutes including an optional 15 minute break.

Will I be able to review my typed answers after submitting my test?

Yes.  All full length practice tests now include access to your answers.  You will be able to print your submitted typed responses immediately after submitting your practice CASPer test.

My practice test includes scoring. When will I receive my results?

Standard Score Reports are released and available for download on MY APE Portal within 25 business days after your first attempt (for each practice test).

What’s included in a Score Report?

Each Score Report includes a qualitative test result and a quantitative ranking percentile score, unique to your test form.

I purchased Score Rush. When will I receive my Score Report & Performance Profile?

Score Reports & Performance Profiles for Score Rush are released and available for download on MY APE Portal within 7 business days after your first attempt (for each practice test).

What is a Performance Profile?

A Performance Profile is a graphical analysis of your aptitude on key domains (ie. collaboration, professionalism) of your practice CASPer test and is specific to your test form.

Should I purchase additional practice CASPer SIM tests from other disciplines?

Each CASPer SIM™ full length practice test form has been specifically designed and is unique to each discipline.  Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing practice tests from different disciplines.  (ie. if you are taking the CASPer test for medical school, we recommend that you practice ONLY on APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM practice CASPer® tests for Medicine)

Are the scenarios between different CASPer SIM™ test forms among the same discipline unique?

Absolutely! Each CASPer SIM™ full length practice test form is made up of unique video-based and word-based scenarios in differing proportions.  This allows an examinee to specifically purchase practice tests catered to their desired preference.

Do the different CASPer SIM™ test forms vary in difficulty?

All CASPer SIM™ practice tests available for individual purchase are comparable in level of difficulty.

I’ve heard about CASPer SIM™ AP tests. Can I purchase these tests?

The CASPer SIM™ AP tests differ from standard CASPer SIM™ full length practice tests in rigor and difficulty.  AP tests are only available to Advisor Prep® Insider, Executive and Director students and are not available for individual purchase.

How is each CASPer SIM™ practice CASPer® test scored?

Each CASPer SIM™ practice test is evaluated by qualified raters using a Likert scale and scoring algorithm that closely parallels the CASPer® test.

How many times can I complete a practice CASPer® test form?

Each Access Code issued prior to November 6, 2017 is valid for one attempt at the corresponding purchased CASPer SIM™ practice test during a 12 month window from the date the access code is issued.

Each Access Code issued on or after November 6, 2017 is valid for three attempts at the corresponding purchased CASPer SIM™ practice test during a 90 day period from the date the access code is issued.

Once an Access Code is entered, it will automatically be counted towards an attempt at your practice test form and reduced from the total number of attempts available, regardless of whether the test was completed entirely. Please do not enter your Access Code until you are ready to sit the entire test. Please note that once initiated, a practice test cannot be paused and resumed at a later date.

Are CASPer SIM™ Access Codes transferable?

Yes. If you are transferring an Access Code with a Score Report & Performance Profile attached to it, you must notify us before transferring your Access Key. Otherwise, the new examinee will not receive a Score Report. Please contact us at [email protected].  We’ll be happy to assist further.  There is no need to contact us if you purchased a practice test without scoring.

How long is each practice test Access Code valid for?

Each Access Code is valid for 90 days from the date it was issued.

The practice CASPer® test form I’m interested is unavailable for purchase. What should I do?

Each APE CASPer SIM™ practice test form is limited to a certain number of active Access Codes at any point in time.

If the test form you’re interested in is currently unavailable for purchase, please check back regularly for updated availability.

What are the technical requirements for APE CASPer SIM™ practice tests?

In order for you to successfully complete any of our online practice tests, you will need a computer with:

-An updated Chrome or Firefox 7+ browser
-Stable high speed internet connection (at least 10 MB/s)
-Working Keyboard
-Audio Output (Speakers or Headphones)

Prior to starting your CASPer SIM™ practice test, we strongly urge you to complete our sample test to ensure compatibility and familiarity with the testing interface. Please ensure that all other browser windows are closed and all applications including those running in the background on your computer are terminated prior to starting your test. We strongly recommend that you complete your test on a wired internet connection to minimize any signal disruptions that may occur from wireless internet connections. We will not be held responsible for connectivity issues experienced during your test that are directly related to your wireless internet’s connectivity.

How do I purchase a practice CASPer® test?

All of our practice tests can be purchased from our website with payment due in full at time of purchase via a credit or debit card with an American Express/Discover/MasterCard or Visa logo.

To purchase the desired practice test, click “ADD TO CART”.  Once you have completed selection of all desired practice tests, click ‘Checkout’ to begin the payment process. Please note that all prices are in currency of the originating visitor (ie. if you are browsing from Canada, then prices will be in Canadian Dollars.  US Customers and all other customers will see prices reflected in USD unless otherwise specified)

Do you offer a free trial of APE CASPer SIM™?

Yes.  We offer a free sample practice test using the same testing interface.  Feel free to take this test as often as you’d like.

What is APE CASPer SIM™ QBank

CASPer SIM™ QBank consists of high-yield full length practice CASPer® tests originally created by former CASPer® physician assessors from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

Please note** CASPer SIM is not endorsed or affiliated with CASPer® , Altus Asssessments or McMaster University.