Director Program


Advisor Prep® Director is a 10 Month Comprehensive, Medical School Admissions Preparatory Program


Interested students undergo a formal application process for our Director program beginning in May, one calendar year prior to their anticipated matriculation into a BS/MD or MD school.  We holistically evaluate each candidate’s academic, personal and professional achievements for suitability to our program.

If accepted, we will work with you on an unlimited support basis on every aspect of your admissions application portfolio for 1 program of choice.  Additional programs of choice can be added on an unlimited support basis or an as needed basis.  Many past Director graduates are re-applicants to medical school who were unsuccessful on multiple attempts, prior to enrolling in the program.   We’re so confident in the success of our program that we will refund 50% of your APE Director program fee if you do not receive an interview invitation at any of the programs where admissions is sought.   Once accepted into the Advisor Prep® Director program, there are no fine prints to worry about on your path to success.

Quick Facts about the APE Director program

Percentage of Applicants Admitted to the APE Director Program: ~25-30%

Percentage of Director Students Admitted to a BS/MD or MD program: >95% (2016-2017)

Earliest Date to Apply for 2018-2019 cycle: March 15, 2018

Application Fee: $1,500 (fully applied towards the program fee for accepted students and fully refunded for unsuccessful candidates)

Earliest APE Director Program, Offer of Acceptance: June 01, 2018

APE Interview Required?: Yes

Minimum unweighted GPA Required: 3.80

Minimum Composite MCAT Required**: 33/511 (NEW MCAT)

**MCAT requirement is waived for combined (BS + MD) applicants

Minimum Composite SAT/ACT Required**: 1400/32

**SAT/ACT requirement is waived for MD only applicants


2018-2019 Director Program Fee: $7,999 USD


The 2017-2018 APE Director application is now closed.