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Developed by physicians who worked directly with the CASPer® test creators
 Over 200+ High-Yield Video-Based Scenarios available for practice*
 Over 300+ High-Yield Word-Based Scenarios available for practice*
Over 1000+ High-Yield CASPer® style questions available for practice*
 Practice test mimics Altus Assessments Format and Blueprint
 Multiple attempts included for each paid Full Length practice CASPer® test
 Unique APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM™ Scoring Algorithms

Unique APE CASPer SIM™ Rank Score available for each Full Length test

 APE Performance Profile with Red Flagging of submitted answers
Practice tests are hand scored by multiple previous CASPer® raters
 Discipline specific, non-generic Full Length practice CASPer® tests
Pay with Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Cash, Komodo and Verge)
 In person, One-on-One Feedback, available for each practice test
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*competitor data compiled March 2018.  Includes practice tests available only to APE Director, Inconel and Insider students.