APE Advisor Prep® Multiple Mini Interview Testing

Innovation.  Expertise.


The Mulitple Mini Interview (MMInterview) is an interview system developed in Canada and adopted internationally.  In this interview model, applicants participate in a series of short interviews ranging from 6-10 minutes each.  MMInterviews follow a much more standardized approach than their traditional interview counterparts and their increased reliability lies in the multiple sampling of each applicant.

At APE Advisor Prep®, we continue to pioneer MMInterview testing preparation.   The secret to our students’ overwhelming success at gaining admission to their program of choice lies in our unique history with the MMInterview.  Over a decade ago, our founder was a participant among the first pioneer MMInterview circuits at McMaster University and also worked directly with the co-founder of the MMInterview. 

Our level of expertise on MMInterview testing is unparalled and delivered for the exact program/discipline where admissions is sought.  This is just one of many reasons why our MMInterview testing services routinely sell out.

Using innovative technologies, APE Advisor Prep® supports many applicants within the United States and Canada. We are passionate about the success of each student we serve and do not support more students than the number of available spots at each program.  As a result, an APE student will never have to fear losing their spot to another APE student at the same program.

The development of each MMInterview station used in our testing sessions follows our Competence By Design model of assessment.  APE identifies clear benchmarks and measures deemed important at the program where admission is sought.  This dynamic process is unique and highly specific in translating objectives into concrete measurable outcomes during our interviews.

Following the incorporation of concrete measurable outcomes, these are then discussed and evaluated among APE mentors, many of whom have admissions expertise from top medical schools in the United States and Canada.  At this point, the process is extended to our students. Each MMInterview testing session at APE consists of a one-on-one high-yield simulation station to assess an applicant’s character and situation based personal response (CASPer SIM).   Students are then evaluated using our proprietary Multiple Mini Indicator (MMI®) Score and receive extensive high-yield oral and written feedback guiding them on their path towards a successful admissions offer.